Spotlight on San Mateo County Schools

South San Francisco High School is Paving the Way to Education Careers for Students

South San Francisco High School has transformed a community service class into a CTE pathway to teaching. The school’s college-bound students would sign up for the community service class because they liked to perform volunteer work for college entrance requirements, gain experience in the work place, and to give back to their community. Over the years, however, Dianna Ariani, the school’s Work…

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Jefferson Union High School District Creates Innovation and Design Pathway for Students

Jefferson Union High School District Creates Innovation and Design Pathway for Students

In order to better address the needs of students in a changing economy, Jefferson Union High School District’s has updated its CTE program to include a Product Innovation and Design pathway. The first class to be offered under this new pathway is Introduction to Engineering…

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Teachers Turn Natural Disasters into Learning Opportunities

This is an excerpt from an EdSource article on how recent natural disasters are guiding instruction in California's schools, including Design Tech High. For the full story, please visit the EdSource website.

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Putting the Home in Homeroom: Children with Autism Thrive in Room 5

Submitted by Parke Treadway, Public Information Officer, Menlo Park City School District

An enthusiastic young special education teacher walked her students to a school assembly only to be denied entry, both a closed attitude and a physical barrier forcing her and her different-looking students to remain separate from their typical peers. Her students…

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New Schools Open in San Mateo County

Fresh paint, brand new buildings, updated technology, excited students and staff marked the opening of several new schools in San Mateo County this fall.

The Ravenswood District opened Ravenswood Middle School on the campus of the Green Oaks/Cesar Chavez Academy in East Palo Alto. The school is a "start-up," says Dr. Maurice Ghysels, newly hired as Chief Innovation Officer for the district.…

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County Schools Receive Recognition for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Three schools in San Mateo County were recently recognized by the California PBIS Coalition for their outstanding implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).. Read more

Forming Strong Communities at Audubon Elementary

A sample card that nonverbal students can use to interact with their Reading Buddies

March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and the goal of this year's campaign is to highlight the ways in which people with and without developmental disabilities come together and work side by side to form strong communities. Nowhere is that strength more apparent than at Audubon Elementary School in Foster…

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Uniting Families Through Literacy

More than 500 families have finished the program so far

Ten years ago, a teacher at Hoover Elementary School in Redwood City noticed that many of her students weren't completing their homework. It wasn't an issue of motivation; the students were always excited to go home and get busy with their assignments. However, week after week, those same excited students would return to school the next morning with unfinished work.

The teacher, Ninfa Zuno,…

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Exploring New Ways to Talk Math

The third grade group discusses their progress

For many adults, mathematics is a vital part of life, but it's easy to forget how we developed the number sense that got us to that point. How did your teacher support your understanding of addition? What was the a-ha moment that finally helped you "get" division? What about figuring out whether something was more than, less than, or equal to something else? For educators participating in the Early Learning Mathematics Initiative (ELMI), these are just the types of questions they are exploring.. Read more

Taking Advantage of Teachable Moments

Welcome California State Preschoolp Program Intentional Teacher Fair

The idea of preschool in California has changed a lot over the past five years, particularly due to the introduction of new education standards known as the California Preschool Learning Foundations. These standards fully embrace the idea of intentional teaching, which describes a style of instruction that takes advantage of “teachable moments” by integrating situational learning into regular lessons. For example, an intentional teacher can turn a walk to the lunchroom into a conversation about different plants and animals or an exploration of architecture and the shapes that make up school buildings. Read more