Staffing Changes at SMCOE

The new school year brings several staffing changes to SMCOE:

Anjanette Pelletier, Associate Superintendent, Special Education Local Plan Area

Formerly the Senior Administrator of the San Mateo County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA), which assists local education agencies in providing compliant, high-quality programs for students with disabilities, Anjanette Pelletier is now the Associate Superintendent of SELPA. Anjanette has led the San Mateo County SELPA in giving local districts resources for integrating mental health services, providing exceptional professional development and capacity building for staff, and developing an impressive array of dispute resolution options that have helped solve disagreements. She has also played an important advocacy role at the state and federal levels, and her extensive work in special education has made an impact on county offices and districts throughout the state.

Jeneé Littrell, Associate Superintendent, Student Services

Jeneé Littrell, previously SMCOE's Administrator of Safe and Supportive Schools, was elevated to Associate Superintendent of Student Services. She brings with her more than 20 years of experience in education, having served as a school counselor, assistant principal,principal, district office administrator, and county office of education leader. While serving as our Administrator of Safe and Supportive Schools, Jeneé supported the Coalition for Safe Schools and Communities in operationalizing safety nets such as the School-Based Mental Health Collaborative, suicide prevention, and human trafficking prevention; building cross-system collaborations and partnerships across organizations; and overseeing SMCOE's foster youth, Safe Routes to Schools, and Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE) programs. In her new role, she will bring her strong values of equity, social justice, collaboration, and positive relationships to further support students who are both directly and indirectly served by SMCOE’s programs.


Alyson Suzuki, Administrator, Early Learning Support Services

Joining the SMCOE team is Alyson Suzuki, who will replace Jean-Marie Houston as the Administrator of Early Learning Support Services (ELSS) after Jean-Marie's retirement. Alyson was formerly the Chief Programs Officer at Wu Yee Children’s Services in San Francisco, where she oversaw all program departments including child development, family services, and child care provider support services, serving more than 3,000 families and 800 family care providers with a team of 180. Alyson worked closely with a variety of early child care and education programs, and brings to SMCOE her expertise in managing budget and staff in addition to a strong equity lens that aligns well with our current work in early learning. 


Mefula Fairley, Senior Administrator, Board Support and Community Relations

Our newest addition to the Superintendent’s Office is Mefula Fairley, who is stepping into the role as Senior Administrator of Board Support and Community Relations after her predecessor Marco Chávez was hired as a principal in the Campbell Union School District. She has many years of experience as an educational leader, both within SMCOE and at the district level, and  has supported districts and families in navigating through interdistrict transfers, managed charter school oversight, and coordinated initiatives such as the annual Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers (ECET2) conference. In her new role, Mefula will bring some of this work with her, as well as serve as a support to the San Mateo County Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools.

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