Launching the 2014 English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework

The California Department of Education in collaboration with California County Offices of Education (COEs); the California Subject Matter Projects (CSMPs); the California Comprehensive Center at West Ed (CA CC); and other implementation partners; will facilitate a statewide rollout of the new Framework comprised of 3-state face-to-face launch events:

  1. Southern California (San Diego County) - December 9-10, 2014
  2. Northern California (San Mateo County) - January 20, 2015
  3. Central California (Fresno County) - February 10, 2015

These face-to-face launch events will target district and site administrators and teachers with the goals of:

  1. Increasing awareness of the Framework among diverse California educational community members
  2. Building momentum for statewide implementation

Launch activities will be comprised of theme-based workshops that incorporate peer-to-peer learning activities on topics that delve deeply into the Framework and will be guided by expert facilitators.

Additional information is available here.