Zap the Gap Conference

San Mateo County Achievement and Opportunity Gap Summit

March 12, 2018 
8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Oracle Conference Center

Join San Mateo County educators, community leaders, and policy makers for the 10th anniversary of Zap the Gap, an event intended to increase awareness about and build capacity for addressing the achievement and opportunity gaps faced by historically underserved students.  

During this event, we will hear inspiring speakers, receive a report on a countywide data project, hear from innovative practitioners, as well as learn and plan together as a community.  Participants will also engage in thoughtful exploration of the root causes of these gaps and identify what we can do systemically and individually to mitigate policies, programs, and practices that negatively impact achievement for students of color, English learner students, students with disabilities and low income students to ensure that ALL students in San Mateo County receive a world-class education.

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More information about the Zap the Gap Summit.