Up to Speed: September and October 2014

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Up to Speed



  1. Achievement in Motion: Closing the Gap - Capuchino High School
  2. State Board of Education Commends Higher Education's Endorsement of Common Core
  3. EdSurge - Tech for Schools Summit in Silicon Valley
  4. NIEER - What Young Children Deserve in their Educational Lives
  5. Senate Bill 1266
  6. Silicon Valley Community Foundation - Social Innovation Fund grant
  7. E-Rate Modernization Order
  8. Guidance to Schools Regarding the Bullying of Students with Disabilities
  9. Student Online Personal Information Protection Act
  10. Education Trust study on the Common Core Standards
  11. 2014 English Language Arts/English Language Development (ELA/ELD) Framework
  12. School Ballot Measures
  13. After-School Programs in California
  14. CCSDO - Trustee Areas
  15. Analysis by Attendance Works