Press Release - County Office Supports Innovation in Public Education

County Office Supports Innovation in Public Education

REDWOOD CITY, CA – In 2013, the San Mateo County Office of Education partnered with the Full Circle Fund on a multi-year collaboration to accelerate innovation in public education. This collaboration, called the iZone San Mateo County, has focused on improving results for all students and on creating more equitable outcomes for populations that have been historically underserved in our schools.

Although the iZone partnership will conclude in December 2015, the San Mateo County Office of Education will continue to revamp and accelerate its work around innovation. The following are some initiatives that emerged through the iZone partnership and will continue to evolve at the County Office:

  • The Center for Learning Analytics (CLA) is a program of the County Office that promotes best practices in the collection and analysis of student data. With the CLA's support, schools and districts are able to increase opportunities for personalized learning and make better use of student data.
  • Redesigning Schools is a personalized learning initiative where a cohort of schools and districts in San Mateo County are reimagining their learning environments.
  • School2Home is a program designed to help close the digital divide by integrating technology into teaching and learning and by ensuring students have internet connectivity at home.
  • Innovative Learning Networks encourage educators to implement instructional strategies that will improve student learning experiences and outcomes.

Alisa MacAvoy, Redwood City School District Board Vice President, thinks the iZone provided invaluable experiences that many districts outside of San Mateo County don't get to enjoy: "Through the iZone collaborative, school district staff have had the opportunity to meet with industry and nonprofit experts and other school district educators sharing new ideas and best practices." Her district looks forward to continuing this work with the County Office.

Josh Becker, Full Circle Fund Board Chairman, added, "Full Circle Fund has enjoyed partnering with SMCOE to advance innovation in San Mateo County schools. We are excited about the impact that these programs are having on students and commend SMCOE for its efforts."

The County Office would like to thank all of its iZone partners and funders, including the Full Circle Fund, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, the Westly Foundation, the Stanford, and EducationSuperHighway and looks forward to continuing and expanding the innovative work the iZone set in motion.

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