Press Release - SMCOE Serves As Maker Education Hub

SMCOE Serves As Maker Education Hub, Selects Schools to Participate in First Cohort

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. – As part of Making Spaces: Expanding Maker Education Across the Nation, a nationwide program supported by Google, the San Mateo County Office of Education (SMCOE) is partnering with the Maker Education Initiative (Maker Ed) and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh (CMP) to provide local schools with guidance, professional development and support to jumpstart and sustain maker education in classrooms.

These maker spaces will give students exposure and access to the topics ranging from making and design to coding and robotics, among others. By providing an environment more flexible than that of a traditional classroom, students are better able to direct their own learning, solve problems that matter to them and develop the creative confidence they need to succeed beyond school.

To be selected for the cohort, SMCOE asked schools to commit to a number of actions, including participating in ongoing professional development with SMCOE, designing and implementing a maker-related education opportunity or space and contributing to research and evaluation efforts for maker education.

After a competitive application process, SMCOE selected 11 schools to participate in this exciting partnership:

  • Bayshore Elementary School (Bayshore Elementary School District)
  • Cunha Intermediate School (Cabrillo Unified School District)
  • Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School (Pacifica School District)
  • John Gill Elementary School (Redwood City School District)
  • La Honda Elementary School (La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District)
  • Lipman Middle School (Brisbane School District)
  • Margaret Pauline Brown Elementary School (Jefferson Elementary School District)
  • McKinley Elementary School (Burlingame School District)
  • Thomas R Pollicita Intermediate School (Jefferson Elementary School District)
  • Westborough Middle School (South San Francisco Unified School District)
  • Willow Oaks School (Ravenswood City School District)

Robert Pronovost, SMCOE's maker education coordinator, and Bruce Duncan, SMCOE's instructional technology coordinator, will support these schools over the next two years as they work to envision and create maker spaces.

"We believe that all children are natural makers and that making has a place in every school, for every child, as a powerful way to stimulate and organize real-world, student-driven learning," said Rebecca Vyduna, the director of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Center at SMCOE, when asked about the cohort. "We are thrilled to work with these 11 fabulous schools on supporting the development of making in San Mateo County.”

We look forward to the additional opportunities that will be made possible for these students through increased community support and engagement. 

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