Strategic Plan

At a Glance

In fall 2014, the San Mateo County Office of Education began working with Fern Tiger and Associates to conduct a comprehensive strategic visioning process that would help inform the County Office's work over the next five years.

How We Got Here

Our goal was to create a plan that would help guide our decision-making and direction into the future. Over the course of 18 months, we

  • Conducted interviews with more than 80 internal and external stakeholders
  • Observed staff meetings, Board meetings, program meetings, and professional development sessions
  • Facilitated three input sessions for SMCOE staff
  • Conducted an all-staff survey
  • Convened a 30-member advisory committee
  • Conducted five interactive sessions with groups of school districts throughout the county
  • Interviewed ten peer county offices of education
  • Reviewed existing County Office documents
  • Conducted research on San Mateo County, SMCOE, and PK-12 education nationally
  • Tracked media reports
  • Guided the development of a new mission and vision

The Result

The San Mateo County Office of Education has a duty to work for a better education for every one of our 95,000 students. We revised our vision and mission statements to reflect that goal. 

Our vision statement sets forth the long-term aspirations that drive us as an organization: Excellence and equity in education. Every student, every teacher, every school. 

Our mission statement defines our central purpose and what we will be doing to make our vision a reality: Inspiring students, investing in teachers, invigorating leaders, and involving communities. 

We've also outlined five long-term goals we'll be working on over the next five years:

  • Successful Students. Champion student success by encouraging the development of learning environments and experiences where all students can imagine and achieve.
  • Inspired Teachers. Foster an exceptional countywide climate for teachers and the teaching profession by innovatively using resources and by cultivating broad public will to advance the teaching profession.
  • Effective School Districts. Encourage equitable academic outcomes across San Mateo County school districts through proactive outreach, responsive services, and collaboration.
  • Forward-Thinking Policies. Initiate transformative conversations about public education and advocate for effective educational policies at regional, state, and national levels.
  • Continuous Learning. Create an engaged, countywide "learning community" through continuous open-minded inquiry and rigorous evaluation. 

You can access the full strategic plan here