District Business Services

The District Business Services (DBS) Department provides business, technical and advisory services to school districts in San Mateo County in matters relating to accounting and budgetary controls, finance, cash management and reconciliation, payroll, purchasing, financial systems (CECC) implementation and support, attendance reporting, revenue limit calculations, review of district audit reports, property taxes and revenue apportionments, vendor payment audits, temporary borrowings and other fiscal operations.

DBS acts as an intermediary between school districts and county, state and federal government agencies. It is responsible for reviewing and approving school districts’ budgets, interim reports, year-end financial statements and audit reports. DBS annually processes W-2 forms and 1099 reports, prepares Federal, State, Social Security, Medicare and other payroll reports and generates monthly accounting reports for the Public Employees and State Teachers Retirement Systems. DBS processes all vendor warrants and runs payroll for approximately 15,800 employees within the school districts and county office of education.

The goal is to assist school districts in maximizing revenues, ensuring compliance with accounting, legal, and other reporting requirements and maintaining accurate, efficient and cost effective business operations.

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