Internal Business Services

At a Glance

Internal Business Services provides internal financial operations to programs and services operated by the County Office of Education.


  • Development of Annual Budget
  • Budget Revisions
  • Budget Analysis

2018-19 Adopted Budget

2017-18 Adopted Budget

2016-17 Adopted Budget

2015-16 Adopted Budget

2014-15 Adopted Budget

2013-14 Adopted Budget

2012-13 Adopted Budget

2011-12 Adopted Budget

2010-11 Adopted Budget

2009-10 Adopted Budget

2008-09 Adopted Budget

State and Federal reporting

  • Budget, Interim Reporting, End of Year financial reports, Attendance reporting 

Accounts Payable

  • Purchase Order System; encumber expenditures and audit and process payments to vendors

Accounts Receivable

  • Collect and deposit monies owed to the County Office
  • Process invoices for services for the County Office


  • Collect and process time records
  • Process monthly and variable payrolls
  • Maintain and monitor leave balances