Employee of the Month

At a Glance

The Program, established in 1988, recognizes and honors exemplary service provided by non-management employees. Each Employee of the Month is recognized for a commitment to excellence that ensures the continued promotion of quality services while supporting the mission of the County Office of Education.

March 2018

2018 Mar EOMEach month, the Board and Superintendent recognize an employee for outstanding service. For March, the employee of the month is Katia Sturtevant, Administrative Assistant II in the Student Services Division.

Katia is respected and admired by all who work with her and is a positive force within SMCOE. Katia supports K12 Special Education and Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and oversees the Special Education Records database.

Katia is an excellent communicator and collaborator. She offers new ideas, readily supports others on their projects, and helps improve Student Services’ operations. Katia is passionate about her work and is a deep well of knowledge in the CTE realm.

Katia has excellent technical skills, is a resourceful and creative problem solver, and is always professional in her approach. Most recently, Student Services had several members of the administrative support team out for various reasons, and Katia leaned in and supported all ongoing activities without skipping a beat.

Katia has a wonderful sense of humor with the ability to keep things light, even on stressful days. Katia is a caring co-worker who is helpful, generous, thoughtful, and supportive.

What more can anyone ask for!

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