Employee of the Month

At a Glance

The Program, established in 1988, recognizes and honors exemplary service provided by non-management employees. Each Employee of the Month is recognized for a commitment to excellence that ensures the continued promotion of quality services while supporting the mission of the County Office of Education.

October 2017

2017 Oct EOMFor the month of October, the employee of the month is Scott Sinor, special education paraeducator in the Student Services Division.

Scott has been with the San Mateo County Office of Education for almost 14 years as a paraeducator in Special Education Services (K-12).

He was nominated for his work as a lunch attendant within the Special Education Services (K-12) lunch program.  Scott keeps the kitchen spotless as he prepares and organizes lunch for all of the students.  He does this in a safe and timely manner while making sure all food handling rules and regulations are followed to the letter.

Scott's presence has transformed the café from a room off the hallway to a welcoming central hub.  It is now a warm and inviting space where employees can pick up a cup of freshly brewed coffee or read the daily lunch menu posted on the white board outside of the café.

In addition to his lunch duties, Scott controls K-12’s safety radio and regularly practices calling into the County Office of Education to make sure the connections and channels are clear.  This ensures the school has reliable contact with the county office, should an emergency occur.

We are proud of our SMCOE staff and are pleased to recognize Scott Sinor for his outstanding work.  Congratulations to Scott for being named Employee of the Month for October 2017.

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