Employee of the Month

At a Glance

The Program, established in 1988, recognizes and honors exemplary service provided by non-management employees. Each Employee of the Month is recognized for a commitment to excellence that ensures the continued promotion of quality services while supporting the mission of the County Office of Education.

May 2019


Each month, the Board and Superintendent recognize an employee or group of employees for their outstanding service. This month, we honor the Payroll Audit team in the District Business Services as the May 2019 Employee of the Month. The team’s members include (left to right) Financial Analyst Lingqi Zhang and Payroll/Retirement Audit Analysts Elizabeth Nguyen, Dolores Rainey, and Christine Martinez.

The Payroll Audit team supports San Mateo County’s 23 school districts and the County Office of Education by overseeing and auditing payroll to ensure employees are paid accurately and in a timely manner.  The team also prepares and submits retirement reports to ensure the school districts and the County Office are compliant with Federal payroll tax laws and California’s retirement systems.

The team consistently goes above and beyond expectations in producing high-quality work.  Each member has unique experiences that increase the team’s effectiveness.  Dolores and Elizabeth have a wealth of institutional knowledge from working at the County Office of Education for 36 and 20 years, respectively. Christine brings a different set of experiences from the private sector, and Lingqi offers alternative approaches she learned from other public sector offices.  All members value and appreciate each other’s perspectives, especially as they collaborate to problem solve and develop solutions.

All team members are incredibly generous and kind individuals who do not hesitate to provide assistance to district staff when needed and who truly embody the County Office of Education’s vision of excellence and equity.

We are proud of our SMCOE staff and are pleased to recognize Dolores, Elizabeth, Christine, and Lingqi for their outstanding work.  Congratulations to the Payroll Audit team for being named Employee of the Month for May 2019.


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