Accountability, Innovation, and Results

At a Glance

The AIR team supports San Mateo county districts and SMCOE programs to effectively leverage accountability, innovation, and data to achieve improved outcomes for all students, staff and programs. In addition, AIR monitors and provides technical assistance to districts to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and categorical programs. The program promotes, facilitates, and supports the following initiatives/activities.


The Accountability team provides educators with timely and accurate information so that they can stay informed and in compliance with state and federal laws and expectations.


There are many cutting-edge programs and practices taking hold in San Mateo County. The Innovation team works to identify, share and prompt new programs and uses of technology to personalize learning and close the Achievement Gap.


Data is essential to personalizing learning for students and improving the work of educators. The Center for Learning Analytics provides direct analysis services to districts in the county. In addition, the team curates best practices and facilitates networks of assessment and data professionals.