Accelerated Program

The Accelerated Program is part of SB57 legislation that allows eligible individuals to complete the Teacher Induction program at a faster pace than the full two years generally required to complete all the requirements of professional teacher induction.

Accelerated participants have the opportunity to complete the Induction program in a minimum of one year and a maximum of eighteen months. This option is available to participants who have been determined by their district to be experienced and exceptional teachers, meet the eligibility criteria listed below, and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies required of all teacher candidates who complete the full-length program. All eligible candidates will be notified of the Accelerated Program at orientation.


  • Hold a preliminary credential
  • Two or more years successful experience as the teacher of record
  • Verification of teaching experience, including at least two positive documented evaluations, based on the CSTP, (must be within the last three years
  • Successful completion of the Accelerated Program Application.


Application Process

Participating Teachers who meet the above criteria and are interested in applying for the Accelerated Program should contact:

Stacey Tisor, Coordinator, Teacher Induction - General Education

Griffith Montgomery, Coordinator, Teacher Induction - Education Specialists