General Education: Participating Teachers

Professional Learning for Participating Teachers Calendar

Responsibilities of a Participating Teacher

  • Develop an understanding of Culturally and Linguistically Relevant Pedagogy (CLRP) and its implementation in the classroom.
  • Complete the online Eligibility form.
  • Meet with my Support Provider a minimum of two times per month.
  • Complete and revise as needed, an Electronic Portfolio.
  • Assemble evidence of growth and application based on the Induction Standards and the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs).
  • Understand that information gathered regarding practice/performance is confidential.  Information regarding completion may be shared with site/district/program administrators.
  • Attend 18 hours of professional development.
  • Participate in formal and informal classroom observations.
  • Communicate questions or concerns about the SMCTIP, including concerns about my Support Provider partnership, with the SMCTIP Consortium Administrator, the District Induction Liaison, and/or my Support Provider (please refer to the Induction Electronic Handbook).
  • Participate in the program evaluation process.
  • Notify my Support Provider and the SMCOE Teacher Induction Project should I leave the program before completion.