Computer Science and Robotics

Computer Science and Robotics

At a Glance

SMCOE commits to providing all students in San Mateo County equitable access to quality computer science education, and recognizes that schools throughout our county represent a diverse teacher and student population with a wide range of strengths and needs.

Computer Science Education Working Group

The Computer Science Education Working Group meets regularly at SMCOE with the goal of building a community of teachers, administrators, researchers, parents, and students. At our last meeting, we discussed the pressing issues of #CSforAll — including curriculum, teacher training, and equity. Check back for our next meeting date!


California K-12 Computer Science Standards

Computer Science Teachers Association Standards

NGSS Engineering Practice 

Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice

Ways to Participate


Join an after-school reading group every Thursday. Anyone is welcome to join our CSEd Reading Group, which meets Thursdays 5-6pm at Cafe La Tartine in downtown Redwood City. There are three ways to participate:

  1. Asynchronously: Read the paper sent out on Friday and add your comments to the reading-group channel on Slack when you have time.
  2. Remotely: Join us by video chat using the Google link in the calendar invite or below.
  3. Personally: Join us at Tartine for coffee, cake, or a meal. The cream puffs are delicious.


TheCSEd Working Group meets monthly to build community and address issues in Computer Science Education. All are welcome, youth included! Please come prepared to share how you're working toward #CSforAll. Below are resources shared at previous meetings: 

Quarterly (or So)

Participate in the San Mateo County chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association, which meets at Burlingame High School at 4:30pm on the first or second Thursday of October, November, January, March, and May.


Join our Slack group to share asynchronously at any time.

Computer Science Resources

Computer Science Strategic Implementation Plan: The California Department of Education has released recommendations about the who, how, and when of standards implementation.

2018 Computer Science Landscape Survey: SMCOE is attempting to keep track of all the CS programs on offer in our schools. If you have even partial information for a district, please fill out what you can, and pass the link on to the people in the know.

Beta Test Scratch 3.0: Check out the pre-release version of Scratch 3.0, which is coming out in January, and get a sneak peek of the new Creative Computing Curriculum Guide.

CS First: CS First is Google's free online Scratch curriculum for 3rd to 6th grade. Reach out to Dr. Thomforde for materials.

Computer Science Organizations

Code for Fun: A nonprofit organization that provides free Saturday trainings for educators.

Computer History Museum: The Computer History Museum offers a number of school programs for grades 3 through 12 align with Common Core, California State, and Next Generation Science Standards.

Grok Learning: Grok Learning supports teachers, schools, and institutions in teaching students how to code.

Girls Who Code: Girls Who Code is a nonprofit that now offers curriculum and support for clubs in third through twelfth grade.

Family Code Night: Host an out-of-school-time event that gets kids and parents coding together through Family Code Night.

Ongoing Partnerships

RCSD + Stanford: Stanford University School of Education is partnering with Redwood City School District to develop an effective K-2 Computer Science pipeline that supports English Language Learners.

SMCOE + AIR: The STEAM Center is joined by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to apply for an NSF Grant to support a Research/Practitioner Partnership investigating effective infrastructure for professional development around the California K-12 Computer Science Standards. 

SMCOE + YesWeCode + The Tech: We are collaborating on an open-source museum exhibit/experience that surfaces existing computational thinking habits in the games families play together.