EQ+IP Partners and Strategies

At a Glance

EQ+IP partners will deliver specific services, where gaps in other funding exist, related to San Mateo County's Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). Partners will also work on improving access to early learning settings for children with special needs. Examples of activities include: assessment and feedback for early learning teachers and programs, coaching, professional development, technical assistance, and financial support with the desired outcomes of quality improvement and expanded access in early learning settings.

EQ+IP Services and Partners

Classroom Assessments


Professional Development and Technical Assistance

Workforce Development (unit-bearing coursework toward permits & degrees)

Enhanced Referrals for Children with Special Needs

  • 4Cs and StarVista

Financial Supports

  • Quality Counts stipends and grants for Family Child Care Homes (4Cs)
  • Facility Renovations (CCPC)

Coordination & System Building

EQ+IP partners will also engage in intentional coordination and systems building. Our partnership with Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) will create a new platform for advocacy around facilities enhancements and work in close partnership with the Child Care Partnership Council (CCPC) to bring in new resources. The San Mateo County Coaching Collaborative will bring together coaches funded across all major quality improvement efforts in this county to build a coordinated and aligned coaching practice. 4Cs and StarVista will work together to improve the system of enhanced referrals for families with children with special needs who are seeking a placement in an early learning setting. A special workgroup, the EQ+IP Expanded Access Collaborative, that includes these agencies along with SELPA and GGRC will be formed to address systems and services for early learning programs serving children with special needs, and to coordinate with the workgroups convened under Watch Me Grow. Lastly, Members of EQ+IP will participate in other initiatives such as The Big Lift, the CCPC, RTT/QRIS pilot implementation, and the ECE Community College Advisory Committee.