Educational Support Services

At a Glance

The Educational Support Services Program is comprised of four distinct programs focused on providing wrap-around support to schools, districts, teaches, and students from early childhood through high school graduation.

Early Learning Support Services

Staff in the Early Learning Support Services (ELSS) program manage a variety of projects that offer services and supports to clients in San Mateo County with a focus on early care and education for children ages 0-8. These include the areas of state preschool, support for the home language and culture of young dual-language learners, early childhood policy and planning, family-school partnerships, teacher professional development, and collaborative community partnerships.

Networks for Success/Program Improvement

Networks for Success (N4S) officially serves as an external provider for districts and schools at risk of entering and already in Program Improvement (PI). We will work with your district or school to assist you in exiting PI or in taking preventive measures to avoid entering PI. Short-term work addresses immediate actions. Long-term work facilitates sustaining achievement over time.

Student Health and Wellness

The two major initiatives in our Student Health and Wellness program are Safe Routes to School and Tobacco Use Prevention Education. These initiative support schools and the wider community to foster behaviors in children and youth that directly and positively impact academic achievement and lead to healthy lifestyle habits.

Other Educational Support Services

Issues of school attendance, expulsion appeals, interdistrict transfer appeals, as well as the Tinsley Voluntary Transfer Program are also administered through the Educational Support Services Department.

Below is a list of programs and services offered by Educational Support Services: