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Maintained by the SELPA Office, this website is designed to meet the needs of families who are new to the special education process, are in need of a parent liaison with their school district, or who are seeking opportunities for support from other families facing similar challenges. We invite you to check our calendar for community events on a regular basis, follow our links to your district's SEDAC (Special Education District Advisory Council) and community agencies, and to find answers to your questions in the RPC Handbook section. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact the SELPA Coordinator at (650) 802-5473.

Calendar of RPC Events

Resource Parent Council (CAC) Member Meeting Dates 2018-19

These meetings and webcasts are open to the public, but are primarily for active RPC (CAC) members.

Date Location

November 27th, 2018; Addressing Behavioral Issues Through the IEP Process

Eucalyptus Room
(7-9 PM) - SMCOE

February 7th, 2018; TBA

Eucalyptus Room
(7-9 PM) - SMCOE

April 25th, 2018; TBA

Eucalyptus Room
(7-9 PM) - SMCOE


Resource Parent Council (CAC) Informational Meeting Dates 2018-19

These meetings and webcasts are open to the public, as well as active RPC (CAC) members.

Date Location

Transitions: This training addressed transitional IEP meetings, beginning with the transition from 0-3 to Preschool (or, IFSP to IEP) and continued through the years until students earn a high school diploma or Certificate of Completion. 

Watch for the Video Archive section, coming January 2019!

Eucalyptus Room
(7-9 PM) - SMCOE

March 13th, 2019-

Summer and Extra-Curricular Opportunities:  Representatives from the community will present the opportunities that are available for your children.

To suggest a community resource, please e-mail Karen Breslow at

Eucalyptus Room
(7-9 PM) - SMCOE

May 15th, 2019-

Dyslexia Guidelines:  The California Department of Education has released their Guidelines for Dyslexia.  A review of the information will be given, with a particular emphasis on what parents can do to assist their children.

Eucalyptus Room
(7-9 PM) - SMCOE


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The Student Study Team

  • The SST Process
    • What exactly is an SST?
    • Should I be concerned my child was referred?
    • Who will attend the SST?
    • What should I expect will happen at the meeting?


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