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July 31-August 4, 2017

Developing Number Sense Through Counting. Registration extended to July 20.

August 10-11, 2017

Desmos Summer Institute. Sign up by July 21!

September 7, October 12, December 7, 2017

Desmos and Pedagogy Workshop Series. Sign up by August 4!

September 16, October 24, November 18, 2017

3rd–5th Grade Tech-Enhanced Math Progressions Series. Sign up by August 16!

September 28-29, 2017

Number Talks Institute with Cathy Humphreys, 3rd–12th Grades. Sign up by August 29!

Improving Children’s Understanding of Equivalence (ICUE) Study for Grade 2 Teachers

WestEd is excited to partner with your school district to implement two promising activity-based mathematics interventions for 2nd grade classrooms. We are testing two types of materials that target mathematical equivalence. In small studies, student learning improved with both sets of materials. The goals of the current study are to see if the materials are effective at a larger scale and to determine what, if any, differences there are between two kinds of instructional materials. Teachers in your district will be randomly assigned to one of two easy-to-administer interventions to use in combination with their regular mathematics instruction over a period of 17 weeks during the 2016–2017 school year. Teachers receive a $1,000 honorarium for completing the study requirements. We are looking for 10 or more teachers per district.
Benefits of study participation:
·       Teacher training in the use of study materials
·       Free teacher materials, student materials, and lessons for use in your 2nd grade classes that are aligned with the California State Standards for Mathematics
Requirements for study participation:
·       Participate in a 1-hour online training workshop for teachers
·       Complete 1–2 hours of background surveys
·       Use the provided mathematics intervention materials and assessments in your classroom
·       Complete weekly online teacher logs (10-15 minutes per week)

For more information, please contact Kristen Johannes at 510.302.4311 or