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Art Takes a Bus Ride

Annual Art Competition for San Mateo County Students Grades 1 through 6 is sponsored by the San Mateo County Transit District and the San Mateo County Office of Education.  One winner was chosen from each grade level, and their artistry is being publicly displayed on the Art Bus for a year as it makes it's way through various regions of the county.

The 2018 competition has begun as of 2/12/2018, with this year's theme of: The Wild Side of SamTrans, and all submissions are due by: Friday, March 23, 2018 at 5:00pm.  You can access the entry specifications and permission slip in both English and Spanish by using the links.

The 2017 competition received 230 submissions from all over the county, which reflected the theme of: The Magic of Sam Trans.


The 2017 bus reveal was held on May 3rd at the monthly Transit District Board Meeting.  The six students attended with their families, teachers, and principals.  They received framed ad cards from Sam Trans, which are the actual ad cards being placed inside all of the buses in the county, so no matter what bus people ride they will have the opportunity to see the winning submissions on the inside.  Next, the students and teachers were brought into the board meeting and officially presented with a Certificate of Achievement from the board members.  Finally, the entire meeting broke from the meeting chambers to escort the students down to the parking area where everyone was treated to seeing the Art Bus!  One bus is decorated in the students' artwork on the outside of the bus with a wrap.  The students were very proud of how the bus looked and took many photos by "their" bus.  Please be on the lookout for the Art Bus in your area of San Mateo County as it makes its way through different routes.

First Grade Winner:


Second Grade Winner:


Third Grade Winner:


Fourth Grade Winner:


Fifth Grade Winner:


Sixth Grade Winner:


Keep an eye out around your town for this year's Art Bus!


Every bus in the county will get the Ad cards displayed in them:


Click this link for a closer look at the Ad cards of winning entries.

More information can be found at: samtrans.com/artbus