Internship Program

At a Glance

Internship opportunities for high school students.

High school internships provide students with first-hand experience working with highly-respected professionals in an actual work environment, giving them the opportunity to practice 21st century work skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving. Current open internships offered throughout the County include:

Internship Opportunities
Front Office Internships
Front Office for Dentists Internship opportunities at dental offices across San Mateo County for 11th and 12th grade students. These paid internships are offered during the Fall semester, the Spring Semester and Summer.
Biotechnology Internships
REG Life Sciences Details coming soon.
LakePharma Details coming soon.
Telomere Diagnostics Details coming soon.
SciBac Details coming soon.
Second Genome Details coming soon.
Karius Details coming soon.
Education Internships
San Mateo County Office of Education Details coming soon. 
Hospitality and Culinary Internships
Focaccia Market Bakery Details coming soon.
Embassy Suites Details coming soon.
... ...
Business and Finance Internships
  ...     ...