San Mateo County Students Show Growth on CAASPP

Redwood City, CA — Students in San Mateo County increased their scores on both English-language arts (ELA) and mathematics assessments last school year, according to 2018 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) results released by the California Department of Education this week. The gains were largely consistent with state-wide results, however students in San Mateo County continue to outperform their state counterparts on both tests.

On the ELA assessment, 61 percent of students met or exceeded standards, up one percentage point from 2017 and five points since 2015, when the test was first administered. On the mathematics assessment, 53 percent of students met or exceeded standards, up one percentage point from 2017 and four points since 2015.

Countywide, third grade students saw the greatest gains with 59 percent meeting or exceeding ELA standards, up four points from last year and nine points from 2015. Eighth grade students experienced the greatest gains on the mathematics test, with 53 percent meeting or exceeding standards, up four points from last year and six points from 2015.

Among the County’s historically underrepresented student groups, Hispanic/Latino students, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged students, English Learners, and Filipino students all saw increases in the percentage of students meeting or exceeding standards in mathematics and ELA, although gaps persist between these student groups and others, especially Asian, White, and students of two or more races. Socioeconomically Disadvantaged students experienced some of the largest gains, with an increase of six percentage points in ELA since 2015 and five points since 2015 in mathematics.

Bayshore Elementary School District and Redwood City Elementary School District experienced the largest gains between 2015 and 2018, with double-digit increases in both ELA and mathematics.

“The CAASPP results demonstrate that our county’s students continue to make progress in meeting state standards in English-language arts and mathematics. That’s good news with most districts experiencing slow but steady growth. We need to give a special shout out to the Bayshore and Redwood City school districts where students have demonstrated impressive double-digit gains,” said San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools Anne E. Campbell. “However, these results also indicate San Mateo County still has a significant achievement gap that remains deeply troubling. I hope this year's CAASPP data will help us identify which instructional strategies are leading to rapid and significant results so educators can implement them throughout our county’s schools.”

The CAASPP system is comprised of comprehensive, end-of-year assessments of grade-level learning that measure progress toward college and career readiness. They are aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for ELA and mathematics and are administered to eligible students in grades three through eight and eleven. Schools administered the tests in Spring 2018.


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Below are charts depicting San Mateo County students’ overall achievement levels on the 2018 CAASPP English-language arts and mathematics tests.