Strategic Plan

At a Glance

In fall 2014, the San Mateo County Office of Education began working with Fern Tiger and Associates to conduct a comprehensive strategic visioning process that would help inform the County Office's work over the next five years.

How We Got Here

Our goal was to create a plan that would help guide our decision-making and direction into the future. Over the course of 18 months, we

  • Conducted interviews with more than 80 internal and external stakeholders
  • Observed staff meetings, Board meetings, program meetings, and professional development sessions
  • Facilitated three input sessions for SMCOE staff
  • Conducted an all-staff survey
  • Convened a 30-member advisory committee
  • Conducted five interactive sessions with groups of school districts throughout the county
  • Interviewed ten peer county offices of education
  • Reviewed existing County Office documents
  • Conducted research on San Mateo County, SMCOE, and PK-12 education nationally
  • Tracked media reports
  • Guided the development of a new mission and vision

The Result

The San Mateo County Office of Education has a duty to work for a better education for every one of our 95,000 students. We revised our vision and mission statements to reflect that goal. 

Our vision statement sets forth the long-term aspirations that drive us as an organization: Excellence and equity in education. Every student, every teacher, every school. 

Our mission statement defines our central purpose and what we will be doing to make our vision a reality: Inspiring students, investing in teachers, invigorating leaders, and involving communities. 

We've also outlined five long-term goals we'll be working on over the next five years:

  • Successful Students. Champion student success by encouraging the development of learning environments and experiences where all students can imagine and achieve.
  • Inspired Teachers. Foster an exceptional countywide climate for teachers and the teaching profession by innovatively using resources and by cultivating broad public will to advance the teaching profession.
  • Effective School Districts. Encourage equitable academic outcomes across San Mateo County school districts through proactive outreach, responsive services, and collaboration.
  • Forward-Thinking Policies. Initiate transformative conversations about public education and advocate for effective educational policies at regional, state, and national levels.
  • Continuous Learning. Create an engaged, countywide "learning community" through continuous open-minded inquiry and rigorous evaluation. 

You can access the full strategic plan here

Executing Our Strategic Plan

Since the strategic plan was developed, the San Mateo County Office of Education established working groups to achieve deliverables created from its strategic plan, such as administering an employee survey, elevating and celebrating teachers, and developing several think/do hubs. In spring 2018, employees completed a survey which will be distributed on an annual basis. 

Employee Survey

You can find a summary of the 2018 survey results and follow-up actions here.