County Committee on School District Organization

At a Glance

The County Committee on School District Organization is an independent, 11-member, elected body that studies and makes recommendations and decisions on school district boundary questions.

Committee Membership

Committee members serve four-year terms. Members are elected at a meeting of the representatives of the school district boards. County Committee terms are staggered so that 5 or 6 members are elected in one year with the remainder elected in another year.

  • 10 members represent the five (5) San Mateo County supervisorial districts, with two members representing each of the districts

  • One member is at large

  • Often, individuals most interested in serving on the Committee are past or current school board members
  • School board members are allowed by CA Education Code to serve in a dual role, as an active school board member and as a CCSDO Committee member                

County Committee Roster

NameSupervisorial DistrictTerm Expires
Dennis McBride At-Large          2021
Greg Dannis District 1 (Dave Pine)          2022
Lynne Esselstein District 1 (Dave Pine)          2022
Colleen You District 2 (Carole Groom)          2021
Melchior Thompson District 2 (Carole Groom)          2021
Rosie Tejada District 3 (Don Horsley)          2022
Virginia Bamford District 3 (Don Horsley)          2022
Hilary Paulson District 4 (Warren Slocum)          2021
Maria Hilton District 4 (Warren Slocum)          2022
George Robinson District 5 (David Canepa)          2021
Bill Lock District 5 (David Canepa)          2022


Transfer of Territory Handbook 

The County Committee on School District Organization (CCSDO) is charged by the state to study and make recommendations and decisions on school district reorganization. Transferring territory between/among school districts is one type of school district reorganization. The County Committee has developed this brochure to clarify the process for submitting a petition to transfer territory.

Click here to view the handbook. 

State of California - Resources on School District Organization

Procedures and responsibilities for all parties involved in the school district organization process.