Six school districts in San Mateo County welcomed new superintendents for the 2019-20 school year. Three of the superintendents are new to San Mateo County, two are serving in an interim capacity, and one had previously served another district in the county.

The County Office and the San Mateo County Superintendents Association hosted an orientation in August to welcome and support the new superintendents.

ROBERTA ZAREA (Superintendent) - Portola Valley School District
Ms. Zarea served as Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for the Saratoga Union School District since 2013. Previously, she worked as a principal, vice principal, coordinator of special projects, and elementary school teacher in Saratoga Union.

DR. SHARON KAMBERG (Interim Superintendent) - San Bruno Park School District
Dr. Kamberg served for six years as Superintendent of the Burton School District, located in Tulare County. Dr. Kamberg earned her doctorate from the University of La Verne and holds a master’s degree in special education and administration.

GINA SUDARIA (Interim Superintendent) - Ravenswood City School District
Ms. Sudaria has worked in the Ravenswood City School District for the past 21 years. She has served the district as Director of Student Services, Director of Human Resources, principal, vice principal, and teacher.

DR. SEAN MCPHETRIDGE (Superintendent) - Cabrillo Unified School District
Dr. McPhetridge served as Alameda Unified School District's Superintendent for five years before joining Cabrillo Unified School District. He previously worked as an assistant superintendent, principal, vice principal, and teacher.

STEVEN FRANK (Not Pictured) (Superintendent) - Woodside Elementary School District
Mr. Frank has worked at the Woodside Elementary School District for the last 17 years, most recently serving as Middle School principal. He has also worked as an assistant principal and middle school social studies teacher.

DR. BETH POLITO (Not Pictured) (Superintendent) - Las Lomitas Elementary School District
While Beth Polito is not new to San Mateo County, she is new to the Las Lomitas Elementary School District after serving as Woodside Elementary School District's Superintendent. Prior to joining Woodside, she spent 18 years in the Saratoga Union School District as an Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, principal, vice principal, dean, and middle school English and Social Studies teacher.