The 2020 Census is here! SMCOE is collaborating with its partners in early learning, school districts, government, and the community to help ensure that everyone is counted. An accurate count will help ensure that children receive the support they need to be healthy and successful.

Participate in the 2020 Census today at

Be Counted in the 2020 Census

Participate in the 2020 Census to ensure San Mateo County receives the funding it needs to provide important services to children and their families.


SMCOE Support for the Census

SMCOE has a variety of resources to help schools and organizations educate students and their families about the Census and engage them in this important historic and civic event. Please feel free to use any of these resources in your efforts to inform and engage students and their families.

  • Resources for schools, including public school districts, charters, independent schools, and organizations serving youth. These regularly updated materials include flyers, graphics, talking points, social media posts, and content for newsletters and websites.
  • Census-related curriculum, including Census 2020 Count Me In: Taking Informed Action Today and Census 2020 Count Me In: A Historical Perspective.
  • Why I Count Week. To be held on school campuses across San Mateo County for a week between March 23 to April 9, 2020. More details to come.
  • Census Ambassadors are youth leaders who play an important role in supporting the Census. SMCOE is supporting after school program staff who are teaching students and preparing them for this special role.

Curated Resources

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