Transform Your Teaching through Literacy in the Making

For many students, the experience of reading is about answering a series of written prompts, making is limited to STEM activities, and social-emotional skills are often discussed in a superficial way. Literacy in the Making is a virtual, blended professional development program that challenges these narrowly defined practices by combining literacy skills, social-emotional skills, and making skills for K-8 teachers and students.

Who Can Participate

  • All K-8 practitioners who work in San Mateo County schools
  • Grade-level teams (e.g. practitioners from the same school or district) are highly encouraged

Program Goals and Description

The Literacy in the Making program is built upon the following foundations:

  • All activities have a literacy skills focus.
  • All activities have a making component.
  • All activities support social-emotional development.
  • All activities are designed to build the 21st century skills of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

Students will learn how to use their “heads, hearts, and hands” as they develop the mindsets needed to become empowered and confident 21st century learners. Literacy in the Making sessions are organized by social-emotional themes – such as self-awareness/identity, empowerment, empathy, communication, and connection – that are connected to specific books. Each one-hour student session includes a lesson introduction, shared book read-aloud, comprehension/literacy skill-building, maker project, and reflection. Teachers observe as Lime Design facilitators engage students in themed literacy and making activities.

When the student sessions are completed, the teachers participate in a curriculum design session with Lime Design facilitators where they craft Literacy in the Making activities to support their classroom instructional practices. The two-hour session focuses on reflection/rubric creation, activity creation, and connections to content area learning.

What's Included

A maker kit of materials shipped to your classroom.


Schools and districts can customize their Literacy in the Making program to meet their specific needs. Please contact Maureen Carroll for further information.


TestimonialsPicture of Who Sank the Boat? by Pamela Allen with a foil boat and pictures of animals.

"Literacy in the Making has been such a valuable experience for our students and teachers. The sessions have been creative and have helped students make unique connections to literature as they share their thoughts and ideas through hands-on experiences. Every student feels valued and heard."
--Kami Thordarson, Principal, Campbell School of Innovation

"Luther Burbank Elementary School had a wonderful opportunity for students and staff to participate in Literacy in the Making lesson demonstration. The LIME team thoughtfully carried out the engaging activity with built-in components of literacy, making, and social-emotional learning. The students had the hands-on experience to meaningfully construct a content-related product to demonstrate their connection and understanding of the text. The teachers found the activities helpful when integrating a hands-on approach to enrich students' comprehension and depth of knowledge, specifically among our English Language learners. Thank you for the opportunity to creatively immerse our students and teachers in this unique literary journey."
--Tri Nguyen, Ed.D, Principal, Luther Burbank Elementary School