Naloxone for Schools Toolkit to Reverse Opioid Overdoses

Recent increases in opioid overdose-related deaths span across adult and youth populations, indicating that schools should develop and implement additional safety nets to protect students and school staff. In addition to drug awareness and education programs, schools and districts can implement the Coalition for Safe Schools and Communities Naloxone Protocol for Schools to reverse opioid overdoses on campus.

SMCOE is partnering with the State of California to offer the Naloxone Distribution Project (NDP) to San Mateo County schools and districts. The NDP aims to reduce opioid-overdose deaths through training and the provision of free Naloxone. All TK-12 public school districts, charter schools, and private schools may participate.

Naloxone for Schools Toolkit

Naloxone for Schools Toolkit

The Naloxone for Schools Toolkit is a set of protocols and resources detailing how to train staff, obtain, and administer Naloxone. Implementing this protocol when necessary saves lives.


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