Eligibility for the SMCOE Teacher Induction Program

Requirements to enter an induction program

All Year One and New Year Two  (Teachers who completed their first year of Induction with another program and are transferring to SMCOE) Induction Teachers must attend one orientation:  Teacher Induction Orientations 2019-2020

  • Completion of a Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject Credential
  • Completion of a Preliminary or Level I Education Specialist Credential

Eligibility for clearing a credential through induction

  • Teachers who hold a California Preliminary Credential (renewal codes on Multiple Subject, Single Subject and Educational Specialist Preliminary Credentials indicate eligibility for clearing through Induction)
  • Teachers who have Out-of-State credentials and fewer than two years of teaching experience
  • Teachers with credentials from other countries
  • Teachers who have an Education Specialist Level I Credential

Induction Program Components for the Professional Clear Credential

In order to earn a Professional Clear Credential, teachers must complete a state-approved two-year induction program that includes all of the following:

  • Enrollment begins in the first year of teaching
  • Must be job-embedded
  • An average of one hour per week of individual support, which is based on the candidate's need and coordinated by the Mentor.
  • Based on the candidates professional area of focus and interest for growth
  • Individual Learning Plan that includes goals that are developed by the candidate within the first 60 days of enrollment in the program
  • *Education Specialist Candidates will explore policies and procedures relevant to the IEP Process

Frequently asked questions

What is Induction?

Induction is the process by which a teacher completes his/her professional preparation and meets the requirements for a clear teaching credential.  It is a two-year program in which veteran teachers provide beginning teachers who hold preliminary credentials the structures and support needed to deepen and apply their new teaching skills.

When do I start Induction and how long will it take?

Teachers in private, charter, and independent schools have the option of completing a state-approved Induction program during the five years their preliminary credential is valid. 

What options do I have for Induction?

Public school teachers must participate in the Induction program through which their district receives services.  Most school districts in San Mateo County participate in the San Mateo County Teacher Induction Program, a consortium of 23 districts.  Please contact your Human Resources district representative to learn more about your district's participation.