Teacher Induction: Candidates

Professional Learning Sessions for Participating Candidates

The goal of the SMCOE Teacher Induction Program is to support beginning teachers in becoming lifelong reflection practitioners. The program’s Individual Induction Learning Plan (IILP) is also a formative assessment system and the teacher determines areas of focus purely for his/her professional growth and is not used in the evaluation process at a school. 

Responsibilities of a Participating Candidate:

  • Complete the online Eligibility form.
  • Attend one orientation session upon entrance into the program
  • Attend 18 hours of professional development with two sessions offered by and held at the San Mateo County Office of Education      
  • Participate in an average of one hour per week of support from your Mentor and/or other Support Personnel
  • Complete an Individual Induction Learning Plan, which is also the Formative Assessment System, that includes:

              - A vision document where you set goals within the first 60 days of the program

              - Two Inquiry Cycles  that include the following documents:

                         - A Focal Student Document

                         - Two Assess and/or Design Documents

                         - Reflection Documents

                         - Mentor Observation Document 

                         - System of Support Document      

  • Participate in the program evaluation process.
  • In addition, Education Specialist Candidates will participate in an observation of a Veteran Teacher facilitating an IEP (Individualized Education Program)
  • In addition, Education Specialist Candidates will complete cycle work supporting the IEP process for students they case manage.
  • Understand that information gathered regarding practice/performance is confidential.  Information regarding completion may be shared with site/district/program administrators.
  • Communicate questions or concerns about the SMCTIP, including concerns about your Mentor partnership, with the SMCTIP Consortium Administrator, the District Induction Liaison, and/or your Mentor (please refer to the Teacher Induction Electronic Handbook).
  • Notify your Mentor and the SMCOE Teacher Induction Program should you leave the program before completion.