Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

At a Glance

California has a unique opportunity to improve public education through the adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) which are designed to increase expectations, make students globally competitive, go deeper into subjects and provide for a more active curriculum.

These research-based standards were developed through a state-led initiative to establish consistent and clear education standards for English-language arts and mathematics that would better prepare students for success in the competitive global economy.

The CCSS are designed to encourage the highest achievement of K-12 students by defining the knowledge, concepts, and skills students should acquire in each grade level.

The Common Core State Standards prepares all students for college and career.  Success in college and career requires critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and strong communication and technology skills.  The CCSS will provide students with the opportunity to acquire these 21st century skills.

The San Mateo County Office of Education is committed to assisting districts with the implementation of the CCSS through professional development for administrators and teachers, coaching, system wide strategic planning, and curriculum support.

Content Standards


Professional Development

Common Core State Standards

Common Ground - Communication Resources

No. 1 - "How is learning different under the Common Core State Standards?" (week of April 13)

No. 2 - "What are Smarter Balanced assessments?" (week of April 20)

No. 3 - "What should parents know about Smarter Balanced assessments?" (week of April 27)

No. 4 - "What should students understand about their learning and real-world success?" (week of May 4)

No. 5 - "How are teachers embracing the new California standards and assessment system?" (week of May 11) No. 6 - "How can school leaders communicate effectively with stakeholders about the new standards and assessments?" (week of May 18)

No. 7 - "How can teachers communicate effectively with stakeholders about the new standards and assessments?" (week of May 25)

No. 8 - "What do parents need to know about SBAC test results?" (week of June 1)

No. 9 - "How will you and your staff talk about SBAC results with your community?" (week of September 21)