Computer Science

Computer Science

At a Glance

SMCOE commits to providing all students in San Mateo County equitable access to quality computer science education, and recognizes that schools throughout our county represent a diverse teacher and student population with a wide range of strengths and needs.

Upcoming Professional Learning

March 21: Peninsula/South Bay Maker Educator Meetup

March 23: Math Adventures with Python

Computer Science Community of Practice

The CS COP meets regularly at SMCOE with the goal of building a community of teachers, administrators, researchers, parents, and students. March 6th was a special Elementary Edition. April 3 will focus on High School, followed by Middle School on May 1. 

CSEd Reading Group

All are welcome to join any meeting of our CSEd Reading Group, which meets Wednesdays 5-6pm at Cafe La Tartine in downtown Redwood City. Check here for this week's article.


Join our Slack group to share asynchronously at any time.

Computer Science Resources

Computer Science Strategic Implementation Plan: The California Department of Education has released recommendations about the who, how, and when of standards implementation.

2018 Computer Science Landscape Survey: SMCOE is attempting to keep track of all the CS programs on offer in our schools. If you have even partial information for a district, please fill out what you can, and pass the link on to the people in the know.

Beta Test Scratch 3.0: Check out the pre-release version of Scratch 3.0, which is coming out in January, and get a sneak peek of the new Creative Computing Curriculum Guide.

CS First: CS First is Google's free online Scratch curriculum for 3rd to 6th grade. Reach out to Dr. Thomforde for materials.


California K-12 Computer Science Standards

Computer Science Teachers Association Standards

NGSS Engineering Practice 

Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice