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English Learner Services supports English learner achievement by providing teachers and administrators opportunities for collaboration, communication, and networking. Resources and professional learning opportunities, including support for the new CA English Language Development standards (2012) and the ELD/ELA Framework 2014 are available to support and sustain leadership development, curriculum and instruction, and achievement for English learner students.

In light of recent developments and rhetoric about immigrants throughout the course of the recent national elections, the San Mateo County Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution in support of undocumented students and their families on January 18, 2017.

The resolution makes clear SMCOE's commitment to support all of its students and families, including the undocumented. SMCOE will not collect information regarding students' and families' immigration status when enrolling students in SMCOE programs nor will it release information about immigration status to federal agencies or other authorities. 

The San Mateo County Office of Education (SMCOE) is committed to supporting our schools in fostering an environment in which all students are able to learn and excel, whatever their national origin, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, ability, gender, or socio-economic status. In these politically contentious times, we also want every student to feel safe at school, regardless of his or her immigration status. With this in mind, we have prepared a list of f post-election resources that you can use to help students, inform families, and support school staff.

Resources for teachers and Counselors

A list of six simple things you can do to Be an Ally to targets of name-calling and bullying in schools is provided in this article. 

Myths and Facts about Muslim People and Islam is a resource intended to provide background knowledge about Muslim people and Islam, dispel stereotypes and replace them with facts, and suggest ways for educators to address these topics in classrooms. 

 Exploring Young Immigrant Stories is a lesson plan that helps students build empathy, respect, understanding, and connections through learning about the lives of others

Resources for Families

On January 29, Legal Aid of San Mateo County, and San Mateo County's Health Insurance Outreach and Coordination Team will be hosting an Immigration Health Forum to provide information about the health coverage options available for immigrants. 

Catholic Charities of San Mateo County provides Immigrant Services to assist clients in achieving legal status and economic self sufficiency. 

Coastside Hope provides support to clients and their families who live and work on the Coast and are seeking permanent residency. Click here for more information.
Knowing your rights when in contact with an immigration agency can make a huge difference in many situations. Click here for Red Card Instructions. 

Resources for Staff

How do teachers Stay Neutral? This site provides examples of effectively facilitating discussions between students so both sides of an argument can be represented.  

Undocumented Students and Families: The Facts discusses the rights of students, parents, and staff.  


For information regarding Local Control Accountability Plan, please click on LCAP