Basic Portal Service Packages

Subscriptions to the SMEdCenter Portal include a Basic Portal Service Package (SP) containing one of three available video streaming services: Discovery Education Streaming (Bundle 1), Learn360 Streaming (Bundle 2), or BrainPop Combo (Bundle 3)Each of these video services offers thousands of videos for all grade levels and curricula.

High School Districts have an alternate service bundling. Please contact us for further information.

Bundle1  Learn360 Streaming

A collection of over 7,800 core-curriculum videos correlated to the Common Core State Standards. Learn360 also includes access to still images, audio files, support materials and more.

Bundle2  Discovery Education Streaming

A growing library of over 9,500 videos, 77,000 content-specific clips, and more than 160,00 multimedia assets aligned to the Common Core State Standards. 

Bundle3  BrainPOP Combo 

Includes BrainPop, BrainPop Jr, BrainPOP Español and Français.


Bundled Services

All Basic Portal Service Package (Bundle1, Bundle2, Bundle3) also include the following:

World Book eBooks (for Elementary)

Over 2,500 titles, including World Book exclusive content and classic literature (novels, plays, poems, and nonfiction).

Infobase eBooks (for Middle/High)

More than 4,600 acclaimed eBooks from the award-winning Facts On File, Chelsea House, Ferguson’s, and Bloom’s imprints. Easy to use and correlated to all major educational standards.

The World Almanac /World Almanac for Kids

Almanac-style information reference.

Additional Free Portal Resources

Either Basic Portal Service Package also includes numerous high-quality free resources. Below is a sampling of some of these:

  • Khan Academy - a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere
  • Thinkfinity - standards-based lessons, activities, and resources for math, language arts, science, art, and history
  • Calisphere - primary documents and images from the UC digital collections
  • NASA - resources, interactives, and lesson plans for science
  • Library of Congress - primary documents, interactives and lesson plans for US history
  • Textbook Connections - links to state board approved textbook resources
  • Peninsula Library Resources - links to selected databases (library card needed for access)