At a Glance

The main goals of enforcement strategies are to deter unsafe behaviors of drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists and to encourage all road users to obey traffic laws and share the road safely. Used in conjunction with strategies for education, encouragement, and engineering, enforcement activities enable more children to walk and bicycle to school safely.

The public typically thinks of enforcement as officers writing tickets. Effective enforcement for SRTS programs, however, involves a network of community members working together to promote safe walking, bicycling and driving. This can be accomplished through safety awareness, education and, where necessary, the use of ticketing for dangerous behaviors.

Some effective tools schools have utilized to support enforcement efforts include the implementation of the Traffic Controller/Kiddie Valet Program, Active Speed Monitors, and Speed Trailers.

Traffic Controller/Kiddie Valet Program

Kiddie Valet/Traffic Controller is a voluntary program designed to help calm and organize school related vehicular traffic and to provide an opportunity for students in the upper elementary and middle grades to develop leadership skills. With this program, student valets or traffic controllers encourage drivers to pull their vehicles to the front of a drop off area and assist younger children with exiting the vehicle. Program implementers find that the presence of students generally encourages drivers to be on their best behaviors.

Effective implementation hinges on the support of adult supervision and training for students.

A free, comprehensive, on-site student and volunteer training is available to all San Mateo County Schools. To schedule a training, please contact Laura Wellington.

Active Speed Monitors

Active speed monitors are permanent devices to keep drivers aware of their speeds and the need to slow down near schools. They are typically mounted on a speed limit sign and visually display drivers’ real-time speeds as they pass. Drivers see how fast they are actually driving compared to the posted speed limit.

Speed Trailers

Speed trailers on the other hand are portable. Portable speed trailers visually display drivers’ real time speeds compared to the speed limit and help to raise awareness of the limits and reduce speeds.

Some speed trailers have the capability to collect traffic count data and speed data throughout the day, which can be used to identify the most dangerous traffic times when more enforcement is needed.

Speed trailers are best used in residential areas and can be used in conjunction with neighborhood speed watch programs or other safety education programs.

They need to be placed in locations where they do not block pedestrians, bicyclists, motor vehicle traffic or other vital traffic control signs.