Bike Blender

Bike Blender

At a Glance

A bike blender is a bike pedal powered blender. A blender is attached to the front of the bike. Pedaling the bike powers the blender. Bike Blenders are a great tool to reward participation in Safe Routes to School Program activities, teach about health and wellness, and enhance Safe Routes to School education and encouragement activities.

Reservation Process

The San Mateo County Office of Education is pleased to provide a bike blender to interested schools and programs serving San Mateo County children at no cost. To reserve the blender:

  • Send an email to to request use of the bike blender.  The email should include the following information:
    • Name of School or CBO requesting the blender
    • District where school is located
    • Desired date(s)
    • Name of event coordinator/person responsible for blender
    • Email address for event coordinator/person responsible for blender
    • Any other pertinent information
  • Download the Usage Agreement, fill it out and email it to
  • Completed usage agreements maybe submitted to San Mateo County Safe Routes to School via e-mail, fax, USPS, or Pony to:

San Mateo County Office of Education

Reservations will be confirmed via e-mail or phone within 3 business days.  

Reservation and Usage Forms