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The San Mateo County Safe Routes to School program hinges on the support of many partners. Support providers provide San Mateo County Schools with education and engineering services. Other partners collaborate to provide a supportive network that assists schools, districts, and the San Mateo County Office of Education with moving forward with the implementation and sustainability of program goals.

Service Provider RFP - Safe Routes to School 

UPDATE: The proposal date has been extended. Proposals must be postmarked by August 14, 2019.

The San Mateo County Office of Education (SMCOE), which collaborates with schools and districts in San Mateo County to coordinate the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program, is releasing a Request for Proposals (RFP). The SMCOE Safe Routes to School program has been funded by the City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG) since its 2011 inception in San Mateo County. The County Office of Education would like to partner with several organizations that offer SRTS services including, but not limited to, pedestrian and bicycle safety education, bicycle fix it events, SRTS materials, SRTS promotion and encouragement, SRTS classroom lessons, and SRTS professional development. These partnerships will enable the San Mateo County Office of Education to offer a variety of SRTS resources to the schools and districts it serves. Service Providers that are selected will appear on the approved vendor list.

Districts and schools that have the SRTS grant may use their funds to contract with service providers on the approved list. Selected service providers will be required to attend the August 28, 2019 San Mateo County Safe Routes to School Summit and Resource Fair. The RFP information is attached and must be postmarked by August 8, 2019.  UPDATE...The proposal date has been extended. Proposals must be postmarked by August 14, 2019.

Click HERE to access the RFP.


Updated Deadline 4 hard copies need to be sent to Theresa Vallez-Kelly - 101 Twin Dolphin Drive, Redwood City, CA 94065. The application must be postmarked by 8/14.

Page Limit: Is the cost proposal form and the other required forms part of the 5 double sided page limit and/or the allowed additional 2 pages of "pertinent information"?  If not do I understand correctly that we would have 5  double sided pages to cover:  project approach/scope, experience, and timeframe? ANSWER: 5 double sided pages is only for project approach/scope, experience, and timeframe

Cost Proposals: The RFP says to submit "cost proposals for each service in the proposal" yet it looks like there is only one form. Further that form only requests the hourly rates plus any benefits or indirect costs percentages.  It looks like you do not want the forms filled out for any materials costs, nor do I see a place to provide an overall cost estimate for delivery of a set service (say "classroom presentation" or "rodeo" or "parent education campaign").  Please confirm that all you want to see is hourly rates plus any % add ons for all the staff that would provide any services under the proposal. ANSWER: I need to see exactly what the form asks for. Include overall cost estimate with materials in the project/approach scope narrative.

Schedule:  We are impressed with your quick evaluation and turn aroundtimeline!  Will this be extended at all since our proposal will be submitted during the time line listed for the review process? ANSWER: I extended the deadline for proposals to be postmarked by 8/14. I will let everyone know by 8/23. Alll selected vendors are asked to attend the Safe Routes to School Summit on August 28th. Info can be found HERE.

DBE: Is meeting the 2% DBE goal a requirement forproposers?  If so can we submit the form as 0% now with a note we will seek DBE subcontractors to partner with in delivery to meet this requirement? ANSWER: You can submit as 0% if you do not meet the 2% goal. There are other vendors, already in place, who are helping us reach this goal.

SRTS Guide: Since we did not see the SMC SRTS Guide (2011) attached to the email, I wanted to confirm that this is the document being referred to so we are working off the correct document. ANSWER: Yes. This guide is still relevant although a few of the links may no longer be live. You can also find information about the San Mateo County Safe Routes program by clicking HERE.

Current Education Support Providers

Bike Mobile

Kid Power

Marine Science Institute

Peninsula Family YMCA

Perfection on Wheels

Safe Moves

The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

Strategic Energy Innovation

Engineering Support Providers

Alta Planning + Design


Parisi Transportation Consulting

Other Partners

Bay Area Air Quality Management District is the public agency entrusted with regulating stationary sources of air pollution in the nine counties that surround San Francisco Bay: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, southwestern Solano, and southern Sonoma counties. 

BikeMobile, a free service that can fix flat tires, adjust brakes and gears, and even replace broken or worn out parts like chains, seats, and tires.  Bike or no bike, it can be educational for all who show up.  Their visits can stand alone or they can link up to an existing event like a health fair.  All you have to do is pick a date and promote it with flyers and announcements that they provide.  A visit typically lasts 2.5 to 4 hours.  Schedule your free visit today!

City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County manages issues that affect the quality of life; transportation, air quality, stormwater runoff, hazardous waste, solid waste and recycling, land use near airports, and abandoned vehicle abatement in San Mateo County. C/CAG is the founder and funder of the San Mateo County Safe Routes to School program.

California Department of Education The Office of the Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency and the Integrated Waste Management Board have reviewed and concur with the Environmental Principles and Concepts

California Department of Transportation is a supporter of the Safe Routes to School Program and its efforts. 

Cool the Earth is a free, ready-to-run climate change assembly program that educates K-8 students and their families about climate change and inspires them to take simple actions to reduce their carbon emissions.

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) provides stewardship over the construction, maintenance and preservation of the Nation’s highways, bridges and tunnels. FHWA also conducts research and provides technical assistance to state and local agencies in an effort to improve safety, mobility, and livability, and to encourage innovation.

Flows to Bay: San Mateo Countywide Stormwater Pollution Prevention Clean water. Healthy community. It's a team effort.

Get Healthy San Mateo County works collaboratively with all stakeholders to develop strategies that will reduce and prevent obesity and other health risks of unhealthy eating and lack of physical activity among all children in San Mateo County.

Green Star Schools Certification Program is designed to honor, support, and recognize the important work of teachers and students in the advancement of environmental sustainability. This program is supported by RecycleWorks of San Mateo County, MTC,, and Bright Green San Jose.

League of American Bicyclists represents bicyclists in the movement to create? safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle-friendly America. Through information, advocacy and promotion, the League works to celebrate and preserve the freedom cycling brings to members everywhere.

Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) plans, finances and coordinates transportation for the nine Bay Area counties.

National Center for Safe Routes to School has extensive information about funding, special events and programs.

Peninsula Healthcare District works to ensure that all residents of the District enjoy optimal health through education, prevention, and access to needed health care services. 

Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance (The Alliance) works to improve the San Mateo County Commute.

RecycleWorks: Learn about the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot) with RecycleWorks of San Mateo County.

Redwood City 2020 (RWC 2020) brings together key public and private organizations in our community in ongoing efforts to ensure the health and success of all children, youth and families served by the Redwood City School District.

Sequoia Healthcare District works to improve the quality of life for District residents by enhancing access to healthcare services and by supporting and encouraging programs and activities designed to achieve health, wellness, and disease prevention.

Spare the Air Youth is a regional program that aims to educate, inspire and empower youth and families in the San Francisco Bay Area to walk, bicycle, carpool, and take transit.

Transform advocates for making world class public transportation and wonderful, walkable communities the norm - not the exception - in the Bay Area and California.