"Beyond Newtown" Resources:

In April 2013, Congresswoman Speier, Supervisors Horsley and Tissier, Sheriff Munks, Superintendent Campbell, and retired Assemblymember Gene Mullin sponsored a summit, "Beyond Newtown: How to Ensure Safe Schools and Communities."

Nationally renowned scholar Katherine Newman, whose 2004 book Rampage addresses the social profile of school shooters, framed the day around the question of how we can better implement violence prevention strategies in our schools and communities. In addition, the program delved into school/community services for mental health and examined how to effectively implement systematic information sharing protocols across county systems. The resources that follow were presented at the summit.

School and Community Safety:

Katherine Newman: School Shootings - Why Terrible Things Happen in Perfect Places

Mental Health Supports:

Dr. Shashank Joshi: Culturally Adapted School-Based Risk Prevention

Steve Kaplan: Student Mental Health in San Mateo County

The Bully Project: Tools for Educators

Sojourn to the Past - Information Slide

Sojourn to the Past

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Information Sharing and Collaboration:

Jeneé Littrell: How to Ensure Safe Schools and Communities

Navigating Information Sharing – Toolkit

Dr. Tony Beliz: Focusing on Violence Before It Happens

Task Force Information:

At the conclusion of the summit, participants were given the opportunity to join three different task forces. Information on the composition of the task forces is included below:

Task Force 1 - Comprehensive Emergency Management for Schools

Task Force 2 - Coordinated Mental Health Supports for Schools

Task Force 3 - Information Sharing Protocol

Viewing the Summit:

Videos of the summit are available courtesy of Peninsula Television (PenTV):

Beyond Newtown Part 1

Beyond Newtown Part 2

Beyond Newtown Part 3

Beyond Newton Part 4

School Climate Resources:

School Climate Report Card

National School Climate Center: School Climate Standards