April 26, 2021

COVID-19 vaccination is one of the most important tools to end the COVID-19 pandemic and safely returning all students to in-person learning. Not only that, it will help keep you, your family, your community, and your country healthy and safe.

We are working closely with San Mateo County Health and all schools, districts, preschools, and childcare facilities to swiftly vaccinate educators against COVID-19 in the coming months. Educators are advised to check this webpage frequently for information about COVID-19 vaccinations.

Status of Vaccines in San Mateo County

The State is currently vaccinating Phase 1A of its rollout plan and has authorized the vaccination of those in Phase 1B Tier 1, including K-12 school staff and childcare workers, as supplies allow. To support this rollout, the State is dedicating at least 10 percent of the state's vaccine supply to vaccinate education workers. 

Using a vaccination priority system, San Mateo County Health, Kaiser San Mateo County, Cresendo MD, and the County Office of Education has helped nearly 11,000 educators secure appointments for their first COVID-19 vaccination since late February. The priority system puts staff working in-person and regularly with students with the greatest needs first, followed by other school staff working with students, and then those in district and school offices who may periodically work with students.

Vaccinations are now open widely for all staff in the education and child care sector. Educators who have not received their vaccine should visit the San Mateo County Health’s website for a list of options. In addition, Stanford Health Care and some CVS and Rite Aid Pharmacies in San Mateo County have begun offering the COVID-19 vaccine by appointment only. Priority education workers who have not received their vaccine yet will continue to be notified of opportunities to receive their vaccine. Notifications will be sent to each individual and should not be shared with others.

How Can I Get the Vaccine?

  • Check availability often. Vaccine availability is still extremely limited and variable. Though appointments might not immediately be available, workers in the education and child care sector are advised to regularly check in with your health care provider, the State's vaccination site MyTurn, or San Mateo County Health's website as more access becomes possible.
  • Receive vaccine-related updates. Sign up through San Mateo County Health to be notified when you are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine and what options are available. This notification system is meant as an interim strategy as the State of California assembles a statewide COVID-19 vaccine notification system called MyTurn.
  • Stay informed. San Mateo County Health has a variety of helpful resources on vaccines and the distribution of them in San Mateo County.
  • Help spread the word. Tell your friends and family members about the value of vaccines and encourage them to get vaccinated when it’s their turn.
  • Get your flu shot. Keep yourself and others safe. CDPH has information about the value of the flu shot this year.
  • Be patient, kind, and wait your turn. Our healthcare workers are doing all they can to fight COVID-19. Hounding County Health staff who are working 24/7 will not make vaccines appear more quickly, but it will take time away from the critical work they are doing. Skipping lines is never a good practice to model for our children.
  • Be hopeful. The speed at which the COVID-19 vaccines have been developed is truly amazing. Scientists and the medical profession continue to be impressed by research results that seem to reflect a high degree of efficacy in protection. Within the next six months we can expect that educators, child care workers, and many of our friends and loved ones will have received the necessary doses of vaccine and the turmoil caused by this global pandemic may be easing for all of us.

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