Updated March 20, 2020

We are entering a new phase with the recent move to at-home learning. While this new model will require more home involvement and oversight, it offers parents and guardians the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with their children. Schools will provide guidance on the structure and expectations for at-home learning. However, as this is new to schools, everyone will need to be patient and flexible. 

At-Home Learning Tips for Families

Get Off to a Good Start

Take time to get familiar with guidance provided by your child’s school and begin a plan for how your family will implement at-home learning. Identify and prepare a workspace for your child that is well-lit, comfortable, and will help them be productive. Take time to look over Common Sense Media recommendations for screen time, movies, and book recommendations so you can make informed decisions for your student.

  • At-Home Learning Tips for Families (printable PDF) ( English ) ( Spanish )

Teaching Children about Social Distancing

Parents should learn what social distancing means. According to the CDC, hand washing and cleanliness, as well as staying mostly within the home environment (home isolation), are the most effective strategies for slowing community spread of COVID-19 and keeping your family healthy.

Just by being home and limiting interactions to the immediate family, you have met the general spirit of social distancing. Anything additional you can teach your children about maintaining six feet of distance, not shaking hands or sharing drinks or toys with others, and avoiding public spaces is all helpful. Refer to this document for guidance.

Some Suggestions

Use common sense and a balanced approach with the goal to minimize close contacts, even if kids can’t avoid them altogether. Make learning about social distancing fun and include the children in creating the ideas and activities. The following are some suggestions to make learning about and practicing social distancing fun.

  • Teaching Children about Social Distancing (printable PDF) ( English ) ( Spanish )

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