Canyon Oaks Youth Center

Canyon Oaks is a co-ed residential treatment program (level 14) serving San Mateo County youth ages 12–17. It is located on Edmonds Road in Redwood City.

The primary goal of Canyon Oaks is to provide a therapeutic environment that helps youth regain mental and emotional stability and ultimately return to his or her community within the shortest possible time. The center is a highly structured, intensive, 24-hour treatment program that provides comprehensive services.

Canyon Oaks Youth Center
400 Edmonds Road
Redwood City, CA 94062
Phone: (650) 839-1810
Fax: (650) 839-1463


Sibané Parcels

Shelly Johnson
Assistant Principal 


George Rehmet
Math and Science

Randi Randle
English and Social Studies


Mary Holliday