Gateway Community School

Gateway Community School is located on Tower Road in San Mateo. It is a temporary education program that gives students a chance to positively re-engage in their learning and make progress toward high school graduation. Students may be referred to Gateway by their home school or district, by the Probation Department, or by other agencies serving youth. Students typically participate in the Gateway program for one or two semesters and may stay longer, with permission.

While enrolled at Gateway, students have opportunities to receive instruction in the core subject areas required for a high school diploma, make up for coursework they may have missed, work toward a High School Equivalency Test (formerly GED) with support from tutors, participate in counseling programs, and work on developing positive habits that will help them be successful in their return to a district school program.

The Gateway program also offers students a variety of opportunities to be involved in leadership activities, such as Project Friendship, the Student Senate, and Project Change, a partnership with the College of San Mateo. 

Gateway Community School
35 Tower Road
San Mateo, CA 94402
Phone: (650) 598-2150
Fax: (650) 598-2191 


Sibané Parcels

Shelly Johnson
Assistant Principal 

Administrative Support

KarieAn Craig
Administrative Assistant


Jennifer Angers

Alexandra Wolles

Jeff Martinez 


Ana Espinoza

Probation Staff

Oscar Gomez
Probation Group Supervisor