Best Practices

The Court and Community Schools Program implements best practices for alternative education environments and provides a positive educational option for students that encourages and supports self-actualization.

Our staff prides itself on student engagement. Students and staff thrive when positively engaged in the work they are doing. Our program strength lies in the relationships and rapport that staff builds with the students. We encourage students to be successful, take risks, and build positive relationships with adults and their peers on campus.

The Court and Community Schools Program provides students with a culture of caring and respect. Students come to us with a variety of needs, and we design our programming to support these needs. We hold ourselves to the same standards to which we hold students and model for them appropriate, positive behaviors. We work together to support each other through collaboration and sharing of resources, information, curriculum, and best practices. Our administration encourages risk-taking, innovation, and experimentation to discover ways to best support our student population.

One of the program's goals is to foster an environment where students find value and invest in their education, not just be consumers of it. We strive to make learning relevant, and we rely on our positive relationships with students to achieve positive changes in their attitudes about education.