Education Success Handbook

The Ed Success Handbook is the product of the Ed Success Working Group, a partnership working to ensure the educational needs of San Mateo County's dependent youth are met. The Ed Success Working Group is composed of staff from Foster Youth Services, Children and Family Services, CASA of San Mateo County, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and Legal Advocates for Children and Youth.

This guide serves to give caretakers, social workers and probation officers an overview of key information to support our foster youth educationally. Statistically, foster youth have unique challenges as they move through their years of K-12 education, especially those that result from multiple school placements due to changing home placements.

California has voted into law AB490 and other bills to support foster youth throughout their years of dependency, which ensure consistent educational rights across the state. This has had a tremendous impact on the ability of our most vulnerable youth to maintain enrollment in school, to be placed in appropriate educational programs, and to be offered equitable services and resources.

Please review the information in this handbook to get an overview of important considerations in working with your youth around education. The links to Foster Ed Connect (our statewide foster youth website) provide a wide array of resources if you wish to research any of these topics in more detail. Keep in mind that you will need to register (free) with Foster Ed Connect to access the information on that site.

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