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Assembly 490 Frequently Asked Questions: PDF

California Chafee Grant
This is a link for foster youth regarding grant money for college- up to $5000 per year.

California Department of Education Countywide Foster Youth Program Coordinators

California College Pathways
This site to help foster youth access higher education.

Granting and Transferring of Partial Course Credit Letter

Helping Your Child Succeed in School: PDF

An Education Handbook for Parents and Caregivers of Children and Youth in the Foster Care System created by Mental Health Advocacy Services.

Honoring Emancipated Youth
Honoring Emancipated Youth (HEY) is a San Francisco-based organization dedicated to strengthening and connecting San Francisco’s systems of support so that Bay Area youth emancipating, or “aging out” of the foster care system can enjoy a healthy transition to adulthood.

Partial Credit Calculator
Here is a tool provided by Sacramento FYS to calculate partial credits. Education Code 49069.5 (e) (g) requires that students who leave a school before the end of a term (i.e. semester, trimester) be granted all partial credits earned.

McKinney-Vento Act
The McKinney-Vento Act includes foster youth awaiting placement in a foster or group home in the definition of homeless.

Highlighted Resource

Foster Ed Connect

This is our Statewide Foster Youth Services site, an excellent resource to help anyone working with individual foster children/youth succeed in school.  This website is a MUST - once you go to the main page, you will register for FREE. 

A bonus- once you are logged on to the Foster Ed Connect site, all the links below will become active.

You will find an extensive resource guide for information on all of the following:

Resources by Subject

Classroom-Specific Resources
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Confidentiality and Information-Sharing
Early Childhood / Child Development
Educational Rights
General Education
Legislation-Specific Resources
People, Programs, and Services: Contact Information
School Discipline
Strategies for Helping Foster Youth Succeed in School
Students with Disabilities / Special Education
Understanding the Systems Serving Foster Youth

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Child Welfare Workers
Education Professionals
Education Rights Holders
Foster Children and Foster Youth
Foster Youth Liaisons
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