Home Schooling

California statutes do not explicitly authorize home schooling. Local school districts have the authority and the responsibility to determine whether a home-schooled child is attending a private school and therefore is exempt from public school attendance.

A parent who offers or provides private school instruction and who meets the requirements of EC Section 33190 may file a Private School Affidavit, thereby registering their intent to educate their student(s) privately.  After the Private School Affidavit is properly filed, and the California Department of Education (CDE) determines that the school meets the criteria for a full-time private day school, the public school district listed in the Affidavit makes a determination of whether a home-schooled child has met statutory requirements and therefore is exempt from public school attendance.

The Private School Affidavit becomes available October 1 and must be filed annually with CDE. A copy of the Affidavit must be kept at the school along with a record of student attendance as described in EC Section 48222. Attendance records must be provided to the local school district's attendance supervisor to verify that the private school has complied with the provisions of EC Section 33190.

A student being schooled at home in California should receive instruction in the various branches of study required in the public schools of the state.  Parents who are privately educating or schooling their children at home must select and provide all curriculum, instruction, and materials.

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