Next Generation Science Standards

Next Generation Science Standards

What are the Next Generation Science Standards?

NGSS, the science equivalent to the Common Core standards for English and mathematics, emphasizes a deeper understanding of concepts within scientific disciplines, integrating engineering and science practices to help students understand the workings of science and the natural world. They also provide a progression of learning from kindergarten through grade 12 so that students learn step by step the knowledge and skills they need for college and careers.

What are the key shifts called for by the Next Generation Science Standards?

The following are some of the conceptual shifts called for by the Next Generation Science Standards:

    1. K-12 science education should reflect the interconnected nature of science as it is practiced and experienced in the real world.
    2. NGSS are student performance expectations, not curriculum.
    3. NGSS focuses on deeper understanding of content as well as application of content, and science concepts build coherently from K-12.
    4. Science and engineering are integrated in the NGSS from K-12.

Are the Next Generation Science Standards connected to the Common Core State Standards?

Yes, the NGSS and Common Core State Standards are aligned and overlap in meaningful and substantive ways.





















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