Parents and School Safety

Parents and School Safety

Schools are safe places:  Principals, teachers, and other school staff work closely with public safety officials to ensure that all children are safe at school. All schools have detailed emergency plans (The Big Five), and school employees are trained in these protocols.

Your cooperation is necessary in any emergency and in the student release process:  Learn your school's student-parent reunification plan as well as the school's parental notification methods. To best support your child's safety in a school emergency, remain calm and follow the plan.

Open communication is critical:  Open communication between home and school is critical to the safety and well-being of our students and your children. If you have any questions about school safety policies, please contact your child's teacher or school principal.

Talk with your children:  Be sure to talk with your children about school emergency response plans and review "The Big Five" periodically. Teach your children to follow the lead of school staff in the event of an emergency.

Learn more about The Big Five and emergency preparedness by clicking on the tabs below:

The Big Five

The Big Five GraphicsThe San Mateo County Office of Education has been working in partnership with the San Mateo County Sheriff, the Office of Emergency Services, the San Mateo County Police Chiefs and Sheriff Association, and a community Emergency Response Task Force to create a standardized set of protocols for emergency response in schools. The five immediate response protocols for school, or the The Big Five, have been reviewed and endorsed by all San Mateo County's Police Chiefs and Sheriff Commanders. The strength of this work is in the use of common language that means the same thing from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, school district to school district, PreK - high school.

To learn more about school safety and The Big Five, take a look at this handout in English and Spanish

You can also learn more on the "The Big Five - School Emergency Guidelines" page.

Earthquake Preparedness

Is your family prepared for an earthquake? Make sure your home is ready by securing moveable items and by having an earthquake kit prepared. Learn more on the "Earthquake Preparedness" page.

Additional Resources

Looking for additional resources? Below are some great resources for parents and families:

The Ready Campaign: Parents (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

The Ready Campaign: Kids (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

Emergency Supply Kit Checklist for Parents (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

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