Members of the County Board of Education Members of the Board of Education participate in ad hoc or long-standing subcommittees that address the Board's responsibilities and priorities. Assignments rotate each calendar year.

2020 Subcommittee Assignments

Assignment Board Member(s)
Ad Hoc LCAP/Budget Advisory Subcommittee for 2020/2021 Mr. Cannon (Chair)
Ms. Gerard
Mr. Hsiao
San Mateo County School Boards Association (SMCSBA) Area Representative - County Board Mr. Camacho
Superintendent's Salary Subcommittee Mr. Camacho (Chair)
Mr. Hsiao
Mr. Lempert
Ad Hoc Inter-district Attendance Appeal Mr. Camacho (Chair)
Ms. Gerard
Mr. Ross
County Committee on School District Organization (CCSDO) Liaison Mr. Lempert
YMCA Housing Subcommittee Representatives Ms. Alvaro
Mr. Cannon
Mr. Hsiao (Alternate)
Legislative Subcommittee Mr. Ross (Chair)
Mr. Camacho
Mr. Hsiao
Coalition for Safe Schools and Communities Representative Mr. Cannon
Mr. Ross (Alternate)
Big Lift Representative Mr. Hsiao
Oxford Day Academy Oversight Team Representative Mr. Ross

(Ad Hoc) Real Property Subcommittee

Mr. Ross (Chair)
Ms. Alvaro
Ms. Gerard
(Ad Hoc) Board Subcommittee for Announcement of Intent Regarding the Appointment to the Personnel Commission Mr. Camacho (Chair)
Ms. Alvaro
Ms. Gerard


Jennifer Perna

Executive Assistant to the Board


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