San Mateo County Board of Education Resolutions

The San Mateo County Board of Education considers and takes action on a variety of resolutions addressing issues important to San Mateo County students, families, educators, and schools. This page includes the Board’s resolutions over the last year and highlights a featured resolution. Board meeting agendas and minutes can be found here.

Featured Resolution

Joint Resolution No. 20-67: Recognizing November 2020 as National Native American Heritage Month

Whereas, long before Europeans settled in North America, the ancestors of Native Americans were the original, indigenous inhabitants, explorers, and settlers of the lands that have since become the United States; and

Whereas, it is impossible to fully understand the history of California without understanding the history of the indigenous people who have lived within the current boundaries of the state for thousands of years; and

Whereas, California is home to more people of Native American heritage than any other state in the country; and

Whereas, there are currently 109 federally recognized Indian tribes in California and several additional tribes petitioning for federal recognition through the Bureau of Indian Affairs; and

Whereas, the Ohlone, a band of distinct groups of indigenous people who spoke similar languages, thrived in the land now known as San Mateo County and other parts of the San Francisco Bay Area; and

Whereas, due to devastating policies and practices of European explorers and missionaries, settlers, and various levels of government, the Ohlone lost the vast majority of their population and land; and

Whereas, National Native American Heritage Month provides San Mateo County educators the opportunity to teach students about the Ohlone people, their role in the history of the county and Bay Area, and their efforts to keep their culture alive; and

Whereas, Land Acknowledgements, statements often made at the beginning of a meeting that recognize indigenous peoples as traditional stewards of the land, are one way to express gratitude and appreciation to those whose ancestral territory one resides or meets on;

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that the San Mateo County Board of Education and the County Superintendent of Schools hereby recognize November 2020 as National Native American Heritage month and encourage San Mateo County schools and families to share with young people the history of the indigenous peoples of California, including the Ohlone of San Mateo County, and to find time to acknowledge and express gratitude toward the original residents of the land on which we reside.

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