San Mateo County Board of Education Resolutions

The San Mateo County Board of Education considers and takes action on a variety of resolutions addressing issues important to San Mateo County students, families, educators, and schools. This page includes the Board’s resolutions over the last year and highlights a featured resolution. Board meeting agendas and minutes can be found here.

Featured Resolution

Joint Resolution No. 20-62: Committing to Work toward Environmental Sustainability

Whereas, September is becoming known for its environmental action events, including International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer on September 16, Global Day of Climate Action on September 25, World Environmental Health Day on September 26, and California Coastal Cleanup Days every Saturday throughout the month; and

Whereas, these events highlight the urgent need to take action to address environmental issues, not least of all climate change, that threaten life in our communities, the state, and the world; and

Whereas, people of color and communities with limited financial resources have borne disproportionate harm from pollution, global climate change, and other environmental threats, and discriminatory systems continue to perpetuate those inequities; and

Whereas, the devastating fires that arrived early in California this year and the accompanying smoke-filled and high-heat days reminded residents of the county that climate change is not a theoretical concept, but a real and significant challenge to daily life; and

Whereas, an August 2020 report of the State’s Legislative Analyst’s Office detailed the risks of sea level rise in the Bay Area, including contamination of groundwater, erosion, and flooding of communities and critical infrastructure; and

Whereas, while climate change will impact everyone, studies have continued to show that the region’s most vulnerable residents will be hit the hardest; and

Whereas, the impacts of climate change have already impacted the county’s schools, with school interruptions and closures due to power outages, fires, high heat, and flooding, and these events are expected to become more frequent; and

Whereas, schools have an important role to play in educating students about environmental issues, empowering them with the knowledge, skills and voice to take action, and providing them with opportunities to help green their schools and communities; and

Whereas, because of the central role they play in their communities, schools have the opportunity to lead by example and ensure that their facilities and practices are as environmentally sustainable and climate ready as possible;

Now Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the San Mateo County Board of Education and the San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools will continue to work to ensure that San Mateo County Office of Education facilities and practices are as environmentally sustainable and climate ready as possible, and that the Board of Education will receive an annual status report on the County Office’s environmental sustainability efforts as well as those of the districts in the county.

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